Frequently Asked Questions

Is there dust?

We use a 3 motor vacuum and shrouds around the machinery to suck up the dust before it escapes. If needed we apply a fine mist of water to the machine to ensure minimal dust. The floor is vacuumed at the jobs completion.

Is grinding noisy?

It can depend on the surface to be ground. There is the sound of the vacuum and the grinder. It is not overly loud for example our staff rarely need to wear earmuffs.


Grinding glue etc can range from $8 to $15 per mt. Polishing, depending on the slab and customer requirements is $30 to $60 per sq mt. Call 0410091105 for a quote.

Size of equipment?

The grinder and vacuum take up an area of approx 1 sq mt each.

What is Polished Concrete?

Using a specialised machine, the floor is first ground to reveal as much aggregate as possible. The floor is then ground a number of times with finer diamonds to finish with a smooth floor. Any patching of holes and cracks are then completed. A clear UV rated hard wearing sealer is then applied.

When is the best time to polish a new concrete floor?

After the slab is poured it can be polished after 5 to 7 days of curing. Before the walls go up makes it easier to grind and so the price can then be lower. After polishing and sealing, plastic is laid over the floor to protect it and then the house gets built.

Does every polished concrete floor reveal an even amount of agregate or are there patches of plain concrete?

For an even amount of agregate showing, the agregate needs to be kept at the upper surface of the slab. Before pouring a new slab advise your concretor that it is to be polished and the aggregate needs to be at the surface.

Some older floors have the aggregate too deep to reveal the aggregate evenly but the floor still looks great. ( see photos in gallery)

Is Polished Concrete cold in winter?

It is no different to the temperature of tiles.

How do I clean polished concrete?

The best way to keep polished concrete in good condition is to use a ph neutral cleaner followed by clean water for spills, otherwise a microfiber mop will get rid of dust.

What about cracks in the concrete?

If any cracks do appear we can repair them. We use a coloured putty that looks close in colour to the floor colour.

Rockhampton concrete polishing grinding cutting and tile removal
Rockhampton concrete polishing grinding cutting and tile removal
Rockhampton concrete polishing grinding cutting and tile removal